Triple Play: 2GG



Registration for this event is included in the Rec Tournament Series Registration. 


Schedule Live Now!

Schedules for the Rec Baseball Tournament Series were posted Wednesday, September, 2nd. Coaches and teams were sent the link to the schedules.

Tournament Series Schedule


In this event each age group will be capped at 4 teams. 

Those (4) teams each play one (1) warm-up game, and then be seeded into a single-elimination tournament bracket.


Winners of this event will be awarded a Black USSSA Themed Ceramic Trophy.

Finalists of this event will be awarded a Black USSSA Themed Ceramic Trophy.


Precautions being taken for allowing teams to participate in this tournament series are listed below:

  • PARTICIPANT SCREENING: Coaches, Players, and Staff will all be screened prior to participating in activity each day. Once screened, players will receive a wristband permitting them to participate each day. Coaches, Players, and Staff will NOT be permitted to participate without first being screened, regardless of any reason. 
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS: All coaches and Staff will have their temperature checks prior to participating in activity. This will be done while being screened each day. If a coach exceeds a 100.4 temperature that day, they will not be permitted to participate. 
  • MASKS: Face coverings are required when entering, exiting, and walking throughout the park for everyone 10 years and older. Face coverings can be removed by players when actively   participating and by patrons when they are 6-feet apart from others while spectating
  • PHYSICAL CONTACT: To minimize physical contact, high fives, hugs, and handshakes will not be permitted during this time. "air fives", foot bumps, or verbal congratulations will be used instead. Post-game "good game lines" will not take place this season. Instead opposing teams will congratulate the other teams from across the field via verbal congratulations or by clapping. 
  • SANITATION: We will be cleaning our facilities including restrooms, gate entrances, and high traffic touch points multiple times per day. Our team uses a Fresh-15 cleaning solution that kills the COVID-19 virus on contact, but is safe to the touch. We will be providing teams with sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, and proper equipment to clean team issued equipment each practice and game.
    • Teams must wipe down dugouts and gate latches before and after using them. Teams should use hand sanitizer before and after practices.
  • BLEACHERS: Bleachers have been removed from the facility. Spectators must bring and provide their own seating. Families must remain six feet apart from other families.
  • EQUIPMENT: Players are not permitted to share any equipment. This includes but is not limited to: bats, catchers gear, fielder’s masks, batting helmets, batting gloves, cleats, sunglasses, or fielder’s glove.
  • RESTROOMS: Restrooms will be open any time rec tournament series activity is occurring. 
  • RESERVATIONS: There will be no reservations for the park. Teams will be going to the park on their own omission to practice, and must abide by social distancing protocols. Concessions will remain closed during practices. Only one team is permitted per field during practices. 
  • SCRIMMAGES: Scrimmages are not permitted at this time. Umpires are not permitted to come in and officiate a scrimmage. 
  • CAPACITY:Teams should limit group sizes to NO MORE than 50 people including parents, players, coaches, and all who are involved.
    • during games only (2) adults are permitted to attend their child's game.

For further Health Protocols, please review the included document.

Bentonville Parks and Recreation Health Protocols