Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with the Uniform Division to provide support in an effort to better serve the citizens of Bentonville. It is comprised of 

  • CID Captain
    • Civilian Administrative Technician (2)
  • CID Lieutenant
  • CID Sergeant (3)
  • Detectives (11)


The division is organized into four units:

  • Crime Scene and Property Unit
  • Digital Forensic Examination Unit
  • General Detective Unit
  • Narcotics Detective Unit

Detectives work 8 hour shifts and two detectives are on call at any given time and available to assist with after-hours needs.

General Detective Unit

The General Detective Unit is comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant, eight detectives, and one administrative assistant. General detectives are responsible for conducting follow up investigations on all felony and serious misdemeanor offenses. They investigate both crimes against persons and crimes against property.

Narcotic Detective Unit

The Narcotic Detective Unit is comprised of two detectives that work closely with neighboring agencies and Federal partners. Narcotics detectives investigate all drug and vice related offenses in the City of Bentonville.

Crime Scene & Property Unit

The Crime Scene and Property Unit is comprised of one detective and one civilian administrative technician. This unit is responsible for crime scene investigation and documentation, evidence collection, and evidence storage.

Digital Forensic Examination Unit

The Computer Forensic Unit is comprised of one sergeant and one detective and are responsible for conducting in-depth forensic examinations of computer and cellular devices.

Federal Task Force Program

The Bentonville Police Department works closely with our Federal Partners.  In 2021, we partnered with the FBI and assigned one detective to a full-time task force, focused on Human Trafficking. For several years, our narcotics unit has participated on task force with Homeland Security Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Administration to ensure we focus investigations and prosecutions on entire criminal enterprises rather than just the individual.