Do you know any unsung heroes whose praises you’d like to sing? Do you know any groups within the community which contribute to the city but haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve?


The Outstanding Citizen Award Program was initiated on January 25, 2011. On a quarterly basis, awards will be given to citizens residing in the City of Bentonville for their outstanding contributions to the community. By spotlighting these individuals and groups who toil with a smile in relative anonymity, we are actually reflecting upon the quality of citizenship in our community. 


These quiet heroes are sprinkled throughout the City of Bentonville. They perform deeds silently or with an assuring voice, without fanfare, without the expectation of reward or honor. They serve with grace and humility. This pillar of the community might be teacher, business owner, mother, father, soldier, adolescent, teenager, athlete, community leader, or volunteer…the list is endless. Please consider taking the time to recognize and nominate an individual or group whose contributions make Bentonville a better place to live.

Nomination Guidelines

The Award Categories

There are three categories: Adults, youths (18 or younger) and community groups. Awards will be presented to all three categories on a quarterly basis. View the schedule (PDF).

How to Nominate

Nomination forms can be downloaded here or at the City Hall offices at: 

117 West Central
Bentonville, AR

More Information

If you have additional questions, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 479-271-5966 or 479-271-3112.


Nominations will be accepted as outlined in the schedule. Anyone can nominate an individual or group. Nominees must reside within the corporate city limits. People of any age can be nominated. Their contribution can be through services to:

  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Community
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Industry
  • Sports
  • Or to the welfare of others 

The City of Bentonville does not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, employment status, national origin, or gender.


The Mayor will pick three winners in each quarter; one in each category, i.e., adult, youth and community group.


The nomination must include:

  • A narrative statement by the nominator, either on the form or attached to it, detailing why the nominated individual is worthy of receiving the award. Please provide specific examples and results where necessary.
  • Adequate supporting documents to substantiate the efforts and conditions under which they occurred. These may include official reports, narratives, news articles, letters of recommendation, and information on any other awards or recognition for the incident.
  • The total nomination submission may not exceed 1 page of narrative and no more than 4 pages of supporting documents, for a total of 5 (8.5 inches by 11 inches) pages.
  • All nominations should be legible; preferably typewritten.
  • Nominations will be considered during the time period provided and for future consideration. If a nominee(s) is not selected during a particular quarter, the nomination information will be saved for later consideration.

Nominations should be mailed to:

Mayor’s Office
City of Bentonville
117 West Central
Bentonville, AR 72712


The Mayor will announce the awards as outlined in the schedule. An Outstanding Citizen Award certificate will be presented to the winners during a recognition ceremony with the Mayor.

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