Camp STEAM Ahead

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Have fun with STEAM Ahead as we explore a full array of science concepts and theories such as physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science. Campers will participate in daily hands-on experiments, activities, crafts, and games that will engage their scientific minds.

Each day we will focus on a different science subject. We will do a game, snack, and a variety of activities and experiments. Here are some examples of activities we could choose from. 

Physics- Inertia tower challenge, wind powered cars, egg drop challenge, vortex cannons, balloon rocket races, hovercrafts, catapults, and more. 

Chemistry- Elephant toothpaste, cabbage water ph experiment, slime, DIY bag ice cream, film canister rockets, butane bubbles, oobleck, mentos volcanoes, and more. 

Engineering- Marble runs, playing card house building, marshmallow structure building and testing on an earthquake platform, paper bridge designing and more. 

Technology- Junk bot building and battling, Snap circuits, LED circuitry, Squishy circuits, breaker activity, unplugged coding games, Quiver vision augmented reality, and more

Camp Steam has ended for 2023!  Hope to see you next year!