How can I prepare for my court appearance?
  • Be on time.  If you arrive late and the Judge has left the Bench, your court date will be re-scheduled and you will have a charge of Failure to Appear to answer for on your new court date.
  • Make childcare arrangements in advance.  The Court does not provide childcare.  Noisy children will be removed from the courtroom.  It is best to make arrangements for childcare so that you can have your full attention on the Judge and your case.
  • Dress appropriately keeping in mind that this is a professional setting.   Shirts and shoes are required. Inappropriate attire such as muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, shirts that show your midriff, shorts, cut-off jeans, pants that fall below the hip, micro-mini skirts, pants with holes or flip-flop shoes may not be worn in the courtroom. Hats must be taken off before entering the courtroom.
  • Cell phones should be TURNED OFF before entering the courtroom. Should your phone make noise during a court session, you may be asked to turn it in the Bailiff during the time you are in court.
  • Do not come to court intoxicated.  Should the Judge determine that you have come to court intoxicated, your court date will be re-scheduled and you may be committed to the Benton County  Jail for a period of time.

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1. How can I prepare for my court appearance?
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