Stay Connected



We prefer the term "physical distancing" since we want everyone to remain socially connected. Here’s some ideas to help you stay and feel connected to your family, friends, neighborhood and community.

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  • Nextdoor - An app to connect and share with your neighborhood.
  • GroupMe - A free chat room app for small groups.
  • Zoom - Virtual conference meetings, play dates, or social hour.


  • Organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt by placing items in windows for kids to find as they walk around the neighborhood.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your driveway or leave messages for neighbors.
  • Follow the City of Bentonville on social media: Facebook BentonvilleGov; Instagram @BentonvilleGov.
  • Send postcards to family and friends.
  • Schedule virtual play dates or social time.
  • Use your smart phone to make a call - either an old fashion phone call or Facetime.


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