Be Creative



Being creative can be a great boredom buster! Use these links and ideas to help you express yourself!

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Amazeum You - Scott Family Amazeum is bringing the Amazeum to you with ideas for tinkering and creating.

Quarantine Craft Camp - Make.Do.BeCreatful from Searcy, AR

McHarper Manor - Craft lessons and activities.

Provided by Bentonville Public Library (BPL): – An online learning tool for design and creative skills, plus personal and professional development for the business, software and technology industries.*

 *BPL library card or student Tech Card required – email Bentonville Public Library for help at


  • Get out your arts and craft supplies and make something new.
  • Paint.
  • Draw.
  • Crochet or knit.
  • Make something out of clay.
  • Make beaded jewelry.
  • Write short stories (or start that novel you’ve been meaning to write).
  • Plant an indoor garden.
  • Make your own stationary.
  • Make your own bath bombs.
  • Try your hand at origami.


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