COVID-19 Safety Measures

Ballfield Reopenings

Precautions being taken for allowing teams to practice on a ballfield at one of the public complexes in Bentonville are listed below:

  • Bleachers have been removed from the facility. Spectators must bring and provide their own seating. Families must remain six feet apart from other families.
  • Coaches and parents are encouraged to wear masks at all times when inside the park. Players are encouraged to wear masks when not taking part in an active practice if they are over the age of 10 years old.
  • Players are not permitted to share any equipment. This includes but is not limited to: bats, catchers gear, fielder’s masks, batting helmets, batting gloves, cleats, sunglasses, or fielder’s glove.
  • Restrooms will be open any time league or tournament activity is occurring. 
  • There will be no reservations for the park. Teams will be going to the park on their own omission to practice, and must abide by social distancing protocols. Concessions will remain closed during practices. Only one team is permitted per field during practices. 
  • Scrimmages are not permitted at this time. Umpires are not permitted to come in and officiate a scrimmage. 
  • Teams should limit group sizes to NO MORE than 50 people including parents, players, coaches, and all who are involved.
  • The umpire changing room(s) will not be open. 
  • Teams must wipe down dugouts and gate latches before and after using them. Teams should use hand sanitizer before and after practices.

For further Health Protocols, please review the included document.

Bentonville Parks and Recreation Health Protocols

Field Availability

For a complete list of our park use and when fields might be available, please find the below link. To properly maintain Arkansas Department of Health Directives regarding capacity requirements, non-league teams will not be permitted at the fields during league activity. 

When league is not taking place, all fields are available for use unless otherwise stated by Bentonville Parks and Recreation. Below are park schedules showing non-league teams when fields are available for use. 

Memorial Park Field Availability

Merchants Park Field Availability

Phillips Park Field Availability