Global State Championship

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Bentonville Parks and Recreation sanctions with the United States Specialty Sports Association to offer exceptional youth baseball tournaments for competitive boys, ages 7 to 14.

  • This event will be a three-game guarantee tournament. 
  • 2 Pool-Play games, seeded into a single-elimination bracket. 
  • Brackets will be split after pool play. 
  • Pool Games will be seeded by USSSA Points. 
  • Teams must pay online by following the above "Register Here" button. 
  • Team Gate Fees must be paid at the park.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Below you will find a like to Bentonville Parks and Recreation’s safety protocols around baseball and softball programs and events through the COVID-19 pandemic. These health protocols were implemented to meet the directives and standards set by the Arkansas Department of Health. 


Team T-Shirt Orders

To place a team order in advance, follow the below provided link. The t-shirt deisgn is included in the right button provided below. Patrons may pay at the park if they wish, by purchasing from the on-site director. 

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Synthetic Turf Field Surface

We want everyone to be aware that we’ve converted the infields of our five baseball fields at Memorial Park to synthetic turf surface. This means a lot of great things for baseball, as well as some rules changes, the more important of which is that no metal cleats (whatsoever) are allowed on these fields. We will permit rubber molded cleats to be used, but we recommend turf shoes or tennis shoes on the synthetic turf surface. For complete rules regarding our turf surface, please click here.

Rainout / Refund Policy

Please read through the attached document below that outlines our refund policies and rainout procedures around tournaments ran by Bentonville Parks and Recreation.


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