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Bentonville Parks and Recreation partners with Arkansas Figure Skating Association to provide high quality ice skating programming for the community. Our program offers ice skating skill development, fundamental practice, and proper form etiquette for every skater regardless of skill level. Our ice skating coaches are some of the top professionals in Northwest Arkansas and have a high level of knowledge, experience, and skill. Our ice skating programming is for ages 3 and older who want to learn ice skating, improve their skill, or just get out and have fun!

All ice skating lessons will be held at The Rink at Lawrence Plaza - 214 NE A St.

Ice Skating Lessons Flyer 2023-2024 - CLICK HERE!


Session 1

Ice Skating Lessons - Session 1Beginning DateEnding Date
2023-2024 Group Ice Skating LessonsNovember 18, 2023December 16, 2023
2023-2024 Private Ice Skating LessonsNovember 18, 2023December 9, 2023

Session 2

Ice Skating Lessons - Session 2Beginning DateEnding Date
2023-2024 Group Ice LessonsJanuary 6, 2024January 29, 2024
2023-2024 Private Ice LessonsJanuary 6, 2024January 22, 2024


Group Ice Skating Lessons$65 Residents | $90 Non-Residents
Private Ice Skating Lessons$75 Residents | $100 Non-Residents

Ice Skating Group Lessons:

Group Lessons will be in a group setting that focuses on fun and safety while learning the basics of ice skating including forward and backward skating, turns, and some advanced techniques. The goal is to build a strong foundation to help skaters age 3 and older excel on the ice!

Skate Rentals Included!

See skate sizes below

Ice Skating Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are available for skaters who like one on one instruction to increase skill development, have more specialized instruction, or need individual attention. These lessons are open to all skill levels ages 3 and older!

Skate Rentals Included!

See skate sizes below

Ice Skate Sizes Provided:

Lawrence Plaza provides the skate sizes below.

Kids: Sizes 9 - 13

Adult: Sizes 1 - 15

Ice Skating Guides:

How to Dress Like an Ice Skater - CLICK HERE!

The First Day of Ice Skating - CLICK HERE!

Getting the Most out of Ice Skating Lessons - CLICK HERE!

Parent Ice Skating Guide - CLICK HERE!