Compost Facility

The city of Bentonville produces and sells composting materials.


  • Bentonville citizens may dispose of yard waste with a recent utility bill and a photo identification.
  • Non-Bentonville citizens may dispose of brush and tree limbs only.
  • Recycling bins are available at the Composting Facility during normal business hours.
  • Bentonville Compost Facility no longer accepts commercial waste haulers.

Compost Purchase Prices

Grade of Compost
Description Price
 Fine Grade (Screened) Larger pieces of wood have been removed $16 per cubic yard
Medium Grade (Unscreened) Larger pieces of wood have not been removed $12 per cubic yard
Coarse Grade Composted Wood that has been removed by the screening process (dark brown color) $6 per cubic yard
Wood Mulch Uncomposted Raw Wood Mulch
(tan to grey color)
Residents: Free
$8 per cubic yard
Pre-Bagged Compost Fine Screened Compost $3 per 40 pound  Bag