Fire Department

The Bentonville Fire Department is committed to excellence in customer service providing the citizens of Bentonville with superior fire protection and emergency medical services.

The department has seven fire stations strategically located throughout the city to minimize response times to all who need our services.  Station 8 is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in 2025.


The Bentonville Fire Department is a full service professional fire department providing:

  • Fire prevention

  • Fire investigation

  • Fire suppression

  • ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting) July 2023

  • Hazardous materials response

  • Paramedic level emergency medical services

  • Vehicle and technical rescue

  • EMS bike trail response for what is said to be the "Biking Capital of the World"

Insurance Service Office

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rates areas based on their ability to combat structural fires and has awarded the City of Bentonville a Class 1 rating, with 10 being the worst rating and 1 being the best rating.

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