Bentonville Community Plan

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Public Workshop Scheduled for Tuesday, August 7 at the Bentonville Public Library. 

Details coming soon!


The Bentonville Community Plan is in draft form and has not been adopted by City Council. A public hearing will be held prior to plan adoption. The City of Bentonville is currently operating under the 2007 General Plan adopted by City Council on May 22, 2007.

About the Plan

The Community Plan is intended to:

  • Articulate a vision for Bentonville that reflects the community’s aspirations
  • Serve as a road map as the community evolves, grows, and changes over time
  • Act as a foundation for decision-making for stakeholders throughout the community
  • Achieve a more coordinated “collective impact” across all spectrums of community life
  • Address the issues, challenges, trends, and opportunities facing the community

Click on the following images to read specific chapters of the draft plan.

Vision and Guiding Principles
Community Context and Influences
Land Use and Strategic Growth
Local and Regional Mobility
Neighborhoods and Housing
Commerce and Industry
Parks and Open Space
Public Facilities and Infrastructure