Downtown Master Plan

The Downtown Master Plan was adopted in December 2004. The purpose of the plan is to share a common vision for downtown and identify strategies for implementation. The study area is bounded to the north by NW 7th Street, to the east by SE J Street, to the south by SW 14th Street, and to the west by S Walton Boulevard.

Downtown Master Plan (PDF)

Implementation Report - 2013 (PDF)

Downtown Vision

Downtown Bentonville is the community center of choice to experience a vibrant and diverse culture through living, working, shopping, dining and civic events.

Our picture is a vibrant downtown reminiscent of the past but looking to the future. First, we want to put people back in the picture - lots of people - sitting, chatting, strolling. We want people in the streets, days, nights and weekends. To attract people, we draw in: 

  • Beautiful buildings
  • Clean streets
  • Kids
  • Monuments
  • Movie theaters
  • Music
  • Trees and landscaping

Our downtown smells of water fountains and delicious foods. Our downtown is the heart and soul of Bentonville.

Concept Drawings

  1. Comprehensive Planning

    Physical Address
    305 SW A Street
    Bentonville, AR 72712

Concept Drawings
Downtown Concept Drawing
Building Concept Drawing
Master Plan Concept Drawings