Pet License

For more information about the Bentonville Animal Services visit our website at or call the Police Non-Emergency Dispatch phone number ( 479-271-3170 ).  

The City of Bentonville requires that all dogs, over 4 months of age, have the following:

  • License (purchased annually with a one year rabies vaccination or every 3 years with a 3 year rabies vaccination).
  • A rabies vaccination certificate, not to expire in the next 90 days.
  • License shall be displayed on a collar worn by the dog at all times.

Fees & Purchasing

License fees (must be paid with cash or check):

  • $6 for sterilized animals
  • $12 for unsterilized animals
  • $1 for sterilized animals owned by any disabled person or anyone 62 years of age or older

Note: Owners of seeing eye dogs, guide dogs, or other dogs being used to aid the blind, are not required to pay an annual fee but are required to have/obtain a license.

Licenses can be purchased at the Utility Billing Office in the Administrative Services Building located at 1000 SW 14th St. Please bring valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate along with cash or check.

Animal Control / Shelter

The number of lost and/or unwanted pets increases daily, creating a high number of impounded animals.

The purpose of Animal Control is to regulate, license and provide public safety and humane control of domestic animals throughout our community.

Bentonville's Animal Control Officers take pride in enforcing, promoting, and protecting public safety. They also enforce and promote responsible pet ownership, safe human-animal interactions, and other related duties that apply.

If your pet wears a current license or I.D. tag, we will make every effort possible to notify you and reunite you with your lost pet. If your pet was not wearing a tag it's very possible that he/she could have been impounded.

All dogs recovered within the city limits of Bentonville are received and housed at The City of Centerton Animal Shelter. Bentonville pet owners can now reunite with their displaced dogs at the remodeled shelter located at 10404 N. Highway 279 in Centerton or visit them online at

  • Centerton Animal Shelter
  • 10404 N. Hwy 279
  • Centerton, AR 72719
  • (479) 795-0078
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Mon – Fri: 9am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 4:00pm

Displaced dogs can be viewed at: