The Records Unit of the Bentonville Police Department is a civilian support unit, which provides general record maintenance and data entry for the department. The Records Unit is responsible for processing accident and police incident reports, data entry of traffic and criminal offenses, along with any Freedom of Information Act request.

The Records Unit handles a large number of request for reports from the public, specific to the police department, as well as requests for background checks conducted from local records. They are also responsible for submitting monthly statistical reports to the state and federal government concerning criminal activity and arrests information for the city.Lobby

Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA)

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is one of the most comprehensive and strongest open-records and open-meetings laws in the country. The Attorney General partners with the Arkansas Press Association, Arkansas Broadcasters Association and other entities to publish a "Freedom of Information Act Handbook" after every regular session of the General Assembly. 

The handbook assists Arkansas residents and journalist in using the law and government entities in complying with it. 

If you are requesting a particular records through a FOIA request for police records only, please contact us in person, email ,or by contacting our Records Unit by phone at (479) 271-5900. 

*Note: the police department only completes FOIA request specific to police records.  All other city records request need to go through the respective departments (ie. Fire Department, Parks & Rec, Legal, etc). 

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