Parks & Recreation Advisory Board


The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City of Bentonville activities. Board members work in the public interest and speak for the general community in matters regarding parks and recreation. It is the duty of the Board members to promote and foster community involvement in parks and recreation activities. The Board shall stimulate and encourage communication with members of the community to ensure that programs, goals and objectives are consistent with community needs and desires.

Parks Board Members

Name Phone & Email Term Expires 
Chris Sooter 479.366.1551
City Council Appointee
Mike Power 479.936.0526
Term (2) expires December 2021
Cortney Carlson 479.531.5332
Term (1) expires December 2020
Justin Hundley 479.685.4171
Term (1) expires December 2020
Michelle Malashock 479.277.3611
Term (2) expires December 2022
Steven George 479.845.6878
Term (1) expires December 2021
Craig Gilbert 479.502.2274 
Term (1) expires December 2021
Whitney Sutherland 479.659.4196
Term (1) expires December 2020
Eileen Patrick 479.445.4842
Term (1) expires December 2022

Dan Grover 479.372.2398
Term (1) expires December 2021 
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