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Deadline: March 29, 2024 at midnight CST

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Artist with work

Above: Artist Justin Deister discusses his artwork Seeds of Bentonville in front of City Hall.

Recent Installation: Seeds of Bentonville by Justin Deister

In celebration of Bentonville’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary in 2023, the past and present are brought together with the Seeds of Bentonville, installed November 7, 2023. 

By 1877, Benton County was one of the two largest apple-producing counties in the nation. The shape of an apple slice represents the more than 40,000 acres of apple orchards in the area at that time. Inside the apple slice are 150 apple seeds. The words imaged onto the seeds were provided by local residents describing what they love about Bentonville today.  

About the PAAC

The Public Art Advisory Committee is appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. They are responsible for:

  • Serving in an advisory capacity to City Council for recommending artwork to be placed on public property
  • Providing technical advisement on the development of a public art program
  • Following the adopted Art in Public Places policy.

Interactive Map of Art on Public Property

Public Art Map (PDF)

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Proposal Process Flowchart

Strategic Public Art Plan (2024-2025)

Public Art Guide for Developers

Regular Meetings

  • 12:00 p.m.
  • 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Community Development
    305 SW A Street
    Bentonville, AR 72712

Agendas and Minutes 

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2023 Installations

Cricket Pitch Illustration

Upper Cut by Alvaro Bonfiglio

Upper Cut by New York artist Alvaro Bonfiglio is being installed in June 2023 in the new Creekside Park at SW 28th Street and Bright Rd. This installation commemorates the first cricket pitch field in Arkansas and celebrates our local residents whose country of origin is one in which cricket is the most popular sport. The 31-foot-long sustainable wood sculpture is the shape of a gigantic cricket bat held by magic gloves that just hit an “upper cut.” The irregular wood cladding design represents the texture of the batting gloves and leg pads used in the sport. 

Bonfiglio is a licensed architect, continuing adjunct professor and thesis adviser at New York University, and a managing member of Bonfiglio Construction, LLC. He has an architecture degree from Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay and a PhD in Engineering from The University of Tokyo in Japan. His past work includes numerous international publications, lectures, awards, travel grants, exhibitions, structural construction and art installations.  

The piece was locally fabricated by Heritage Woodwork - Austin Vanderveer.

This artwork was selected from 12 submittals in response to a Request for Proposals. It is funded by the Parks and Recreation Department and Visit Bentonville.

Double Slit_3

Double Slit Skyline by Dewane Hughes

Double Slit Skyline by Texas sculptor Dewane Hughes was installed Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The artwork is a steel sculpture approximately 16 feet tall by 5 feet wide. Hughes describes Double Slit Skyline as “a reference to the quantum mechanical double slit experiment that helped determine that outcome is based on perspective.” The artwork recreates that concept formally by framing two adjacent perspectives of the world around us. Double Slit Skyline will be on display for approximately one year.

Hughes is a Distinguished Professor of Sculpture at the University of Texas at Tyler. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. He was recently nominated for the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Educator Award.


2022 Installations

293176351_734733587750770_502115634930976738_nFound by Timothy Jorgensen

Train Station Park

2022 Canoe Canoe_3

Canoe Canoe by Jeff Zischke

Lake Bentonville Park

POP! - 9

POP! by Quartierdes Spectacles

Lawrence Plaza

This was a temporary piece that has been removed.

2021 Installations

Guide These, My Hands by Danielle Hatch and Traci Rae Manos

Train Station Park

This was a temporary piece that has been removed.

2020 Installations

Seven artworks were installed on public property in 2020. See below!

2020 Art Feeds and Sunshine School

Sunshine School Mural by students at the Sunshine School with ArtFeeds

Citizens Park

2020 Color FULL

ColorFULL by Chance Snider and Sugar Creek Elementary Art Club

Park Springs Park

2020-06 Box Turtle

Box Turtle by Steven Feilbach

All-American Trail

2020 Flight

Flight by Bob Doster

Lake Bentonville Park

Open Heart

Open Heart by Matthew Duffy 

Southwest Bentonville in the roundabout at Bright Rd and Gator Blvd

Universal Inseparability

Universal Inseparability by Ben Pierce

Intersection of NW A Street and Tiger Blvd

Osage Prairie_temp

Almost Forgotten Osage Prairie by Jonathan Perrodin

Lake Bentonville Park

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  2. Shelli Kerr

    Comprehensive Planning Manager, AICP

Comprehensive Planning provides staff support for the Public Art Advisory Committee.

Submit a Proposal

Proposal Process Flowchart

Strategic Public Art Plan (2021-2024)

PAAC Members

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1 Steven Baker (501) 529-1717
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3 Chad Nicholson
4 Kate Schaffer (501)520-1850
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(424)209-5602 12/31/2026
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