Soccer Program


Fall 2020 Soccer Season

Bentonville Parks and Recreation will offer a recreation youth soccer program for girls and boys ages four to Jr. High. As a part of a comprehensive approach to community recreation, our program focuses on participation, sportsmanship, skill development and having fun! Participants are will be assigned to teams based on school attendance as much as possible.

The fall season will begin September 14, 2020.

For further information please review the below changes we've made in order to play ball this fall.


Event Beginning Date Ending Date
Fall Resident-Only Registration August 10, 2020 August 19, 2020
Fall Limited Open Registration August 20, 2020 August 23, 2020
Fall Season September 14, 2020 October 29, 2020 


If Born Between League Fall Registration
Aug 2015 - July 2016 Under 5 $75 R / $100 NR
Aug 2014 - July 2015 Under 6 $75 R / $100 NR
Aug 2013 - July 2014 Under 7 $75 R / $100 NR
Aug 2012 - July 2013 Under 8 $75 R / $100 NR
Aug 2011 - July 2012 Under 9 $90 R / $130 NR
Aug 2010 - July 2011 Under 10 $90 R / $130 NR
Aug 2008 - July 2010 Under 12 $90 R / $130 NR
Grades 7-8 Jr High $90 R / $130 NR
R = Resident / NR = Non-Resident      

Program Format Changes

Below are changes we've made to the fall soccer program to limit exposure, maintain safety, and allow for proper social distancing.

ADJUSTED GAME-TIMES: We will be staggering our game and practice times to allow for a reduced amount of people entering and exiting the ballpark at a given time. This will limit congestion at entry and exit points at the soccer fields.

FIELD LAYOUT ADJUSTMENTS: We have changed where we are positioning our fields inside our complex to allow for all fields to be further spread out. This allows spectators to be view games while not sitting within 6' of another household.

HOME AND AWAY SIDELINES: New to Fall of 2020, there will be Home and Away sidelines. Parents, Players, and Coaches will all sit on one sideline with the opposing players, coaches, and spectators all being on the opposite side of the field. This allows for spectators of the "home" team to all remain separated from the opposing team's spectators.

LEAGUE SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS: League schedules will be created in a way to allow for playing the least amount of opposing varying schools as possible. This will create smaller school-based cohorts, or school bubbles, where teams from a given school are only playing opposing teams from their own school, or as few opposing schools as possible.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING MARKERS: We will be lining the sidelines of our soccer fields with seating circles to help spectators know where to sit and how to properly social distance from others while watching a game.

SCHOOL-BASED COHORTS: Typically our league is formed through a random player assignment. As players are already exposed to other children within their school, we are forming teams based on where players attend school. This will reduce additional exposure to other children through our league. Teams will be formed by school enrollment, provided registration allows complete teams from a given school. If registration doesn't allow, the league will combine "school-based teams" to allow for least possible exposure.

SCREENING LOCATIONS: We will have multiple screening locations throughout the park to allow for less gathering in a given location where players, coaches, and staff must be screened prior to participating in activity each day. This improves proper social distancing and reduces exposure.

SCRIMMAGES: Teams will not be permitted to host scrimmages between opposing teams during their practice times. This will reduce the amount of exposure that occurs outside of gameplay.

Coaches Needed

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteer soccer coaches for every age group in our league. Please consider coaching your child’s team. Coaching is an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of young athletes! Please indicate on the registration form your interest. If you do not have a child in the program, please contact us to volunteer. Contact information can be found on this page for the soccer program. 

All coaches must pass a background check in order to volunteer for Bentonville Parks and Recreation. Please click here to submit your background check.