Form of Government

  1. Mayor
  2. City Council
  3. City Clerk
  4. City Attorney
  5. Department Heads
  6. Departments



Full-time, salaried (set by City Council). Elected to 4-year term, no limit on number of terms. Must be a registered voter, live in the city limits, must be at least 18 years old or older and have no felony convictions.


  • Chief executive of the city - sees that the wheels of government keep turning, laws are enforced, and taxpayers get full value for their taxes
  • While not a legislator, the Mayor has a great deal of influence in the passage of legislation
  • The Mayor presides over council meetings
  • The Mayor votes if a vote is needed to pass any ordinance, resolution or motion
  • The Mayor also has veto power. Delivers annual "State of the City" address
  • Prepares and administers municipal budget
  • Recommends appointments to commissions and boards which are then confirmed by the City Council
  • Hires and / or fires department heads
  • Performs marriages
  • Signs all city documents
  • Lobbies on behalf of the city to support or help defeat federal or state legislation affecting cities
  • Promotes economic development of the private sector