Triathlon Challenge

2023 October fall Triathlon civic plus
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2023 October Triathlon Challenge


It’s back! Our October Triathlon Challenge! The month of October we are challenging you to complete a Triathlon! What’s the catch? You have the entire month of October to complete it!

Starting October 1 to October 31 you will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles. This is the distance of an Ironman triathlon. You will be responsible for tracking your progress along the way. All participants will receive a Triathlon Challenge T-shirt when they turn in their Triathlon Spreadsheet. Good luck and enjoy the race!



RUN: Run or walk indoors or outdoors. You are welcome to use a treadmill, climber, cross trainer, elliptical to count towards your run. In addition, miles can be completed in the water, wheelchair, or using an arm ergometer.

BIKE: Collect miles using road miles, indoor cycling miles, stationary bike and even an arm ergometer (duplicate mileage on ergometer is not allowed).

SWIM: Swimming laps, walking, or running in the pool will count towards the swim. The length of our lap leisure pool is 24 yards and competitive pool is 25 yards. For example, if you swim 1,100 yards (44 lengths or 22 laps in competitive pool), you have covered 0.6 miles.


· The official start is October 1

· Registration is $25.00 for Members | $35.00 for Non-Members

· Deadline to register is October 5

· Feel free to keep track electronically or print the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet will be emailed to you

· You can do any part of the Triathlon Challenge inside or outside of the Community Center

· After completing each workout, please see the official tracking sheet to record your miles. Official tracking sheet will be emailed

· The Triathlon consists of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. All events must be completed in full by October 31. Official tracking sheets must be turned into the Wellness Desk or e-mailed to by November 4 at 5:00pm to receive recognition