Wastewater Collection

Sewer Collection

Our Sewer Collection system is made up of sewer main lines and manholes. The purpose of the sewer collection system is to provide a route for wastewater to reach the Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant through 284 miles of sewer mainlines which vary in size from 6 to 24 inches while travelling through some of our 6,000 manholes.

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In the maintenance of and response to emergency blockage calls within the City of Bentonville’s sanitary sewer system, Bentonville Water Utilities uses the above-pictured vehicles to hydro jet citywide gravity sewer mains. 

During the operation of the hydro cleaning or blockage removal, jet nozzles of various types are employed to high-pressure jet wash the interior of Bentonville’s sanitary sewer mains. To properly maintain our sanitary sewer system, Water Utilities operates our two trucks on a daily basis. Maintenance is imperative if we are to continue to keep and operate a fully functional sanitary sewer system. 

Please be advised that during the operation of the high pressure jet nozzles there inlays a possible, yet unlikely, occurrence of the potential back siphon of the water in sink and toilet P-traps. The inadvertent draw of this water has the potential of allowing sewer odors to enter through the drains and into the surrounding area where a sink or toilet may be located. To easily remedy the situation, please open any area windows to allow fresh air into the area, flush your toilet and run your faucets to allow the P-traps to refill. One flush and or running a faucet for 5-10 seconds should be sufficient to refill the P-traps. 

If you experience any other complications with water drainage throughout the dwelling, please call our office at 271-3140 for further assistance.

After Hour Emergencies (Water & Sewer Repair)

If you are having water and/or sewer problems after hours and need assistance, the Water Utilities Department has personnel on standby around the clock. Just call the after hours number, 800-286-1262, describe the situation, and the appropriate personnel will be paged to come out and assist you.