Large Scale Development Process

LSD Flowchart
  1. I: Prep
  2. II: Approval
  3. III: Pre-Con
  4. IV: Construct
  5. V: Complete

1: Plan Preparation

Plan preparation is the first and most important step. It consists of gathering development regulations and specifications and meeting with departments to work out the details of the development proposal.

1. Concept Meeting - Voluntary

To schedule: Planning Department, 479-271-3122, email

At the Concept Meeting, the customer meets with city staff to discuss the development plan. Staff will assist in determining compliance with zoning codes and explaining the development review process. Staff will provide the customer with the Pre-Application Conference Requirements which must be used to prepare plans for the Pre-Application Conference. 

2. Customer Plan Preparation

The customer prepares the large scale development plans following the Pre-Application Conference Requirements form. Customer should meet with appropriate departments to discuss specific items. Visit the Codes page for resources helpful in plan preparation.

3. Pre-Application Conference (Wednesdays)

To schedule: Planning Department, 479-271-3122, email

When the customer has prepared plans in accordance with the pre-application conference requirements, they can schedule a Pre-Application Conference. At this conference, held on Wednesdays, the customer and city staff review the plans for completeness. When staff determines the plans are complete, they will sign the Authorization to Apply, which is required to submit an application.

Once all departments have signed the Authorization to Apply, customers can proceed to Phase 2: PC Approval