Where do I go to pay a fine or ticket?

To pay a fine or ticket, please visit:
Bentonville District Court
2706 S. Walton Blvd.
Bentonville, AR 72712 If you receive a citation for a traffic or criminal incident it is important that you take note of the date, time and address of the Court to which the officer has cited you.  This information is contained toward the top of your copy of the citation.

While certain citations may be resolved before your Court date, some cannot.  If your citation has "Must Appear" written on it, then you must appear at Court on the given date and time.  Additionally, you may receive a "Court Event Notice" in the mail that tells you that you "Must Appear" at Court on the given date and time.

For information regarding your citation you can go to JusticeWeb. Choose the "Reports" icon at the top, left corner.  Next click on the "Bond Forfeit- Citation Search".  You will be prompted to input your citation number.  This report will tell you whether a citation can be paid before your court date and, if so, how much the citation will cost.

Should you wish to pay the citation and not appear in Court, your payment must be received before your designated Court date. Payment can be made at Bentonville District Court during regular business hours, sent through the mail or made online.

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