Right-of-Way Permit


Right-of-Way Permit Application

Right of Way  Permits must be applied for online via eTrakit system.


Right-of-Way Permit shall be required at all times and periods during which any work upon, in, under or above or about any street, alley, curb, gutter, sidewalk, or any public right-of-way within the City of Bentonville.  If approved, a copy of the issued right-of-way permit shall be posted at or near the street right-of-way line and shall be clearly visible from the street.  Applicable bonds may be required depending on the type of work being performed.

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) covers such things as temporary changes to traffic conditions, roadway, sidewalk, alley or trail closures and traffic detours.  A TMP will be required for all closures/detours, in accordance with the MUTCD – Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Submitting a Right of Way Permit:

You may apply for this permit via eTrakit system.  We require the application completed and uploaded with the eTrakit permit request.  You must provide all of the following items with your application:

  • Completed application form
  • Site Plan 
    • Size and depth of the proposed excavation.
      • Location and size of existing and proposed utilities  
      • Location and size of existing and proposed drainage facilities
      • Existing and proposed property lines
    • Dimensioning and labeling
      • Street and Right-of-way dimensions
      • Sidewalks and trails with dimensions
  • TMP (Traffic Management Plan):  if you are planning any works on a road, street, alley, sidewalk or trail within the City of Bentonville, you must submit a TMP for our review.
  • Materials Submittal: types of materials to be used in construction (asphalt, base course, concrete including all proctors and design information.
  • All fees and bonds will be paid/provided prior to issuing permit.

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) requirements:

All submittals require 5 Business Days for review.   Please make sure to have all other entities scheduled or in queue prior to submitting this application (Water/Sewer, Electric, GeoTechnical Services, Concrete, etc.).  

This is required for all permits and projects that have any type of closure.

  • Larger TMPs may require a professional traffic consultant or engineer of record and must be in accordance with most current MUTCD Manual. 
  • Please ensure the information provided is true and accurate. Any inaccurate information or inconsistencies may result in the assessment of your application being either delayed or rejected.

Before sending your application and site plan, you must have the following information ready for your application:

  • Street Name/s
  • Applicant and Onsite Contractor contact information
  • Description of the work (provide detailed narrative for the closure)
  • Proposed dates and times of closure
  • Traffic management Plan (in accordance with MUTCD manual).

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