Republic Services Inclement Weather Procedure

During periods of inclement weather, primarily snow and ice, Republic Services may need to delay or suspend collection for the safety of the public and their drivers.

Depending on the conditions, collection may be suspended or delayed for the entire City, resulting in everyone’s collection being delayed one day. It is more likely that a partial suspension would occur where individual neighborhoods or streets are delayed due to the terrain and/or conditions in that particular area. In this situation, the rest of the City would be collected as normal and the areas with delayed collection would be collected as soon as conditions allow.

Always Place Cart at Curb

Regardless of whether there is a complete or partial suspension of trash collection, please place your cart at the curb on your normal collection day and leave it at the curb until your street has been collected. This will allow Republic Services to collect your street as soon as possible and prevent you from missing any information regarding the collection of your street.