School Resource Officers


The School Resource Unit is designed to provide law enforcement services and law enforcement related education to students of the Bentonville School District. Each School Resource Officer (SRO) acts as a law enforcement officer, teacher, mentor, and role model. The SROs also act as liaisons between the schools, the community, and the police department, as well as various agencies such as Child Protective Services, Youth and Family Services, the Juvenile Probation Department, and other youth intervention and counseling resources.

Our SROs work with teachers and staff concerning all law enforcement issues to provide a safe and productive educational environment for the youth of our community. Ultimately, the SROs will uphold the Bentonville Police Department's core values of Excellence, Initiative, and Integrity to ensure the best possible law enforcement services are provided to the students, teachers and staff members of the Bentonville school District.

As of 2022, the Bentonville Police Department has (5) School Resource Officers throughout the School District and will be additional officers over the next couple years.