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Downtown Activity Center

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This 8,378 square foot facility officially opened Thursday August 25, 2011 and is home to the Bentonville Parks and Recreation Administrative Staff.

The facility features a wall size trail map that provides details of Bentonville’s entire trail system. Please be sure to check it out when you visit.

The center also offers a 414 square foot meeting room with a large TV monitor, audio equipment, large conference room table, and a 12 foot counter with a standard size sink.

Inclement Weather

The following delays / closures may be possible in the event of inclement weather:
  • When Bentonville Public Schools cancel school for the day, classes and programs held at the Downtown Activity Center will also be canceled for that day.
  • The Downtown Activity Center follows the same inclement weather schedule as all of the City of Bentonville administrative offices. Therefore anytime City of Bentonville delays the start of business or closes for the day, due to inclement weather, the Activity Center's schedule will follow suite.
How to find out if the Downtown Activity Center is closed or has a delayed start of business:
  • Watch your local news for City of Bentonville status
  • Check the city website
  • Call the Downtown Activity Center at 479-464-7275. If the building is closed you will hear an inclement weather greeting message
  • Check Parks and Recreation's open / closed status, located at the bottom of the Parks and Recreation web page
  • Sign up to receive an instant email and/or text message anytime there is an update to the Activity Center's status, due to inclement weather.


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